Customers are looking for you !

Customers are looking for you !

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Freelance Web Designer

Creating eye-catching websites for individuals, start-ups and small businesses

A Little About Me ...

I've been a software engineer all my professional life and have experience in a variety of industries. I initially developed point of sale software (for cash registers) and, despite it's age, some high street department stores are still using it.

Employed by Lucent Technologies, I worked in the telephony industry for ten years writing voice mail systems. After working at Tudor Investment Hedge Fund for eleven years, on trading systems and internal web servers, I decided to leave and work as a freelancer.

Now as a freelance web designer I can draw upon a wealth of technical experience, outstanding customer service, and a strong work ethic.

Let's Get Started

Why Choose a Freelance Web Designer ?

Freelance web designer or large web agency? For an individual, start-up or small business, there are a number of compelling reasons why a freelance web designer is a better choice for your next website :

Lower Fees - Because I don't have the overheads of an office, rent, staff etc.,  I can offer much lower fees than a large web agency.

Motivation - My advertising budget is much smaller than a web agency, so I rely heavily on client recommendations. To earn your recommendation, I'm highly motivated to do the best job possible and give you the best service possible.

Personal Touch - As I'm a freelancer, you deal directly with me for all aspects of your project. Throughout the initial meeting, design and implementation, you'll have my complete attention. With an agency, you'll typically interact with a variety of people, so that personal touch is often lost.

My Service

I provide a comprehensive package which is tailored to individuals and small businesses. You get all the essentials for an on-line business - including a professionally designed website, SEO, fast hosting, UK domain, and email account.

However, unlike most other web designers, my service also includes website maintenance for a year. So if your contact details change or you need to add a new photo to your website - simply request the change by email and, at no extra cost, I will update the website for you. Giving you a hassle free, trouble free website.

When you hire me to create your ideal business website, you will get all the following benefits :


Responsive designed website included

Responsive Website

Guided by you, I will create a professional website to showcase your business and generate customers. Designed to work with mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Website maintenace included


Website maintenance is included for the year. When requested, I will update your text and images for no extra cost. No fuss - simply email the required changes.

Search engine optimization included


Search engine optimisation will be performed on your website, by first researching, then integrating, targeted words and phrases - helping your customers find your site.

Hosting of your website is included

Fast Hosting

Your website will hosted (stored and run) for the year on my lightning-fast servers, using the latest speed technologies.

UK Domain included

UK Domain

A UK website domain is included for the year, essential to promote your on-line business brand (e.g.

Email account included, matching your domain

Email Account

An email account is also included for the year, further promoting your brand and on-line professional appearance (e.g. ).

Social media accounts can be linked to your website

Social Media

Do you have other social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc)? I can provide links to them on your website - creating a central hub for all your social media.

We are small and approachable

Small and Approachable

Because I'm a freelancer there's no sales people and no account managers. Throughout the project I'll be your single, friendly, point of contact.

There's no hidden costs, no nasty surprises

No Hidden Costs

My business relies on good recommendations, so I promise no tricks, no hidden costs and no nasty surprises.

Let's Get Started !

My name is Marc Adams and I'm genuinely excited to be working with you.

I'm a freelance web designer based in Kent, but work with clients throughout the UK.

I promise no "hard sell" and no "tech-talk". I will gladly talk through any questions you may have, before we start a project together.

When you're ready to say "Hello", you can either click on the below email link, send me a text or even use the contact form. I will endeavor to reply within the same day.

Please contact us by email 

Please contact us by phone / SMS07422 0772 05

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